Monday, January 8, 2007

Precious Moments

Little Miss "E" and Little Miss "G" in the dresses I made for when we do pictures (which I hope is soon :o) .

I love the outcome of my sewing projects. I thank God for the talent he gave me, it is such a blessing!


Stephanie said...

Did you design those yourself? If you bought them can you let me know where you got the pattern from? I really like those. You did a great job!!

elaine said...

I'm flattered by the compliment but, no I didn't design the dresses myself. The pattern is McCalls #4547. I did the three tier thing they suggest but you can't see it in the picture.
I want to see pics when you make it.

Stephanie said...

Did you have to alter the neckline? It looks too low on the pattern but decent on your girls.

Elaine said...

The neckline, waist, and sleeves are all gathered with 1/4" ribbon. So you can adjust the neck to where you like it.