Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Family Conference

I have finally gotten a chance to relax after a hectic week of sewing. The church had planned for a year to do a surprise renewing of the vows for our Pastor and his wife. We invited "our" Evangelist to come preach and we all pitched in to give him a love offering as well as decorations, wedding and flower girl dress material and pattern, flowers, etc.

Our choir director who was the main one heading it up, thought the Pastor might kill him, lol. However all went over well and they were pleased that we cared to go though all the trouble we did and to plan things the way they would have done. We had no contention with anyone about planning it. It was just such a blessing to be apart of giving our Pastor double honor (I Timothy 5:17).

I was able to get my hair done today which was also a blessing. It has needed it. I went to a new salon. I enjoy having my hair done, but I always feel uncomfortable sitting their, lol. The one I went in today was ran by a local (and this is a small military town), so there was quite a bit of small town gossip going on. I can't stand it. I did however like the lady who did my hair and she did a good job so I will be going back. I guess I like it when the conversation is projected toward me, not because I'm vain, but because it would make me feel more at ease in a strange place and not like I'm unwanted company, lol.


Stephanie said...

Pictures pictures!! I wanna see the new do! :))

angela D said...

Yeah, I want to see your new do too! Hope all is well with you all!
Love ya, Sis!