Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Preaching

I got sick at church yesterday and my dear husband brought me home. I stayed home from the evening service, but felt well enough to sit up and hear some preaching so I went to... . I heard a great sermon from James Knox on soul winning called "Open Your Mouth Christian" (scroll to bottom). It reminded me that I've been failing in my responsibility to witness.

My Pastor mentioned in S.S. , before I started feeling sick, that we to often spend our time at church talking about things not related to Christ. I can certainly say this has been me. To many times have I spent my time talking about sewing or discussing the next church event.

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HOPE said...

He is a great Preacher..I have not heard this message..thanks for the information!

I had a situation a year ago where I should have spoke up...the lady was then given 2 weeks to live..I begged God for a second chance to talk with her. I had to by email...then Praise God...he gave her time and I was able to see her again and give my testimony. We are in constant touch now and I was able to send her a needful book that might open her eyes to her need of salavtion. I can't tell you how THANKFUL I am for this witness. She has cancer and going through another round of Chemo.

Important post. Thank you!