Thursday, August 23, 2007


Greg and I started class this last Monday. Well I started class, Greg was in San Antonio for a Neurology appt. that went really well. The classes are Prophecy and Hermeneutics. Our Pastor told us that the women could sit in on the Hermeneutics class because it has great study helps, but that the men would be doing the sermons. I told Pastor I was disappointed because I had some great sermons, lol. He said it probably doesn't matter since write Greg's anyways! For those who don't know, we were only joking!

Due to the results at the Neurologist, Greg may be getting out of the military in 6 months. They still have to do followups on his ankles. Scary to think of not being military anymore but exciting to know we will be one step closer to serving the Lord full time.

Some of Taylor's friends tried to record her playing the piano for the John Newton Cantata that we did, however, it didn't turn out well. The recording I mean, lol. Taylor is doing such a good job. The kids did do some recording at home. When I have more time I'll put them on here.

Little Greg and the girls are coming along in their playing as well. I'm looking forward to when they can all play something together. Greg is suppose to start violin lessons again soon and Grace really wants to learn the guitar.

That's all the updates for now :o).


Tracey said...

I cant wait to hear them play!!! i am glad Gregs apt. went well! It is scary to get out of the Army, but God is always in control.

Stephanie said...

We start class today too! and one of them is hermeneutics also. Our pastor said something similar about me touching up Gary's messages!!

Jessica said...

That's too funny! We'll be praying for guys with the job changes.


angela d said...

Nice to hear how all is going in your part of the country! Really miss you all!
Jessica starts Bible classes down at the church tonight! I'm so excited for her.
Take care,