Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nature Walk

This is a few pictures from our nature walk @ the recreation park on Post.


angela d said...

Looks pretty, kinda reminds me of the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens here in Fayetteville. They have a nice nature walk--although,in Fayetteville, I don't trust to go there without other adults with me and the kids! haa-haa
Hope all is well with you all. Miss you all soooo much!
Love ya,

Elaine said...

Ang~ The whole time we where there the kids and I never went to the Botanical Gardens, lol.

Maybe you'll get to see me soon!


angela d said...

REallY?? are you guys coming to NC???? That would be great!!!
Let me know so I can clean my house. haa-haaa
love ya,

Tracey said...

Wow this looks like a nice park to visit!! We enjoyed the pictures. I pray all is well.