Thursday, December 13, 2007

Safe Internet

Safe Eyes


Clean Internet

1/30/2014  Checking back over some old post and Removed Buddy Browser from the list.  Not sure why I even posted that one with all the Disney stuff on it.  I am highly apposed to Disney.  Just this week it was told to me how Disney has a cartoon (movie?, tv?) that has a little girl with two moms.  Disney is known for it's Gay Days.  Can no one see and discern the trouble with that?


Jessica said...

Hey Elaine,
We have clean internet on our computer. It works great, but blocks out things that we still need and we have to email them and ask them to take it off the list. But we feel safe for the kids, they have become little computer lovers.
Love ya

Stephanie said...

I'll have to try one of those. I want my kids to be able to use it more with out the worry of accidentally clicking a perverted link.

Jeannie said...

Let me know how you like the one you use! We are hoping to get things worked out so that the kids will be able to spend more time online but would like to be able to be more assured that something nasty won't pop up unexpectedly.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!