Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am a little behind getting started with schooling this year. I just ordered the kids math from Math U See. I love their program. I am pretty good at math but two of my children are struggling with it. My oldest used it last year and I was impressed with how many ways the guy gives you to look at a problem. All children learn differently and this guy has nailed it. The kids wanted to watch the demo just for fun. I'm not kidding! They loved it.

For the rest of the curriculum I will be getting Landmark Freedom Baptist Press. I love their set up. I have heard arguments against them, but I feel the benefits out weigh the down falls. They are from a good Baptist Church. I can go more in-depth with each weeks lesson for each subject or for a lighter schedule I can work on their own when needed. I don't always have my children write at the end of each week, it just depends on if they need it. With the flexibility you can get with Landmark I think it's perfect for our family. That sounds like a sales pitch, lol.


Jessica said...

I'm using Landmark this year for 4 of my kids and love it! It is a great curriculum.


Chanise said...

I am really excited. I really believe that the Lord is preparing me for something great in the lives of my children. Thanks to you and your support of homeschooling, I have been submitting this issue to the Lord and pray his will prevail. I am excited to learn more of the right kind and most effective corriculum and trust your judgment. I love ya Elaine, and keep me in your prayers about this