Friday, September 12, 2008

May Be Offline

Ike is due to come through tonight. Not sure how much damage we'll get. Last tracking showed that we would be just clear of the North East part of the hurricane. Our power goes out at the slightest storm so I expect another 24 hr period, at least, without power.


angela said...

We'll keep you all in prayer.
Love you, Angela

Aliene said...

Hope you are okay with Ike. We got some rain but thats all. We aren't over Gustav yet. Still cleaning up from it. we live not far out of Baton Rouge. Hope another stays in the gulf.

angela said...

So how'd it go for you all? Is your power on? Hope to hear from you soon.
Angela D.

That Good Part said...

Hi, I just stopped by as I've joined the KJV blog roll.

I hope you and yours are safe!☺

Elaine said...

Hi, everyone! We were without power from Saturday at 4pm till yesterday about 3pm. We stayed with friends last night which was a blessing. We lost everything in the fridge but there wasn't much to begin with, lol. I had prepared and bought only dry and can goods when I went shopping.

So today is clean the house day. We still have a bad smell coming from our carpet due to me leaving the tub running for three hours! We went to take care of stuff before the stores closed for the storm and I left the water on. Thankfully we were able to get a shop vac and carpet cleaner right away. I still need to go back and shampoo to see if we can get the carpet smelling good or if we have to rip it out.

Thanks for your prayers.

Aliene, how did you fair through the weather?