Monday, September 29, 2008


For Today...

Outside my Window...
It's warm and sunny.

I am thinking... About what God has in store for our future.

From the learning rooms... The kids are trying to adjust to the new schedule.

I am thankful for... Fine family, a little church where I can sing, and for all my Christian friends. God has been so good to me. *singing as I go*

From the kitchen... I see breakfast dishes that need to be done.
I am wearing... A skirt and shirt.

I am reading... Humm. My Bible. I have been terrible about actually sitting down and reading. I skim through non fiction books. I did manage to read a biography this year called "If I Perish". It is of a Korean Christian from North Korea during the Japanese invasion. This is a life store and it's amazing how God used her. From a Historic perspective it was interesting learning that Korea for a brief time was a "Christian" nation. It talks about how the Japanese were to the Koreans and the Russian take over, and the split creating North and South Korea. Spiritually it shows her standing for God no matter what and her struggle to be a strong Christian. You see continually how she reminds herself it is only by Christ that she can withstand her captivity and torture.

I am hoping... That Greg will be out of the Army around December that we might be able to go where the Lord wants him to pastor.

I am creating... Several things. Two jumpers for the girls, quilt for Greg, shirt for me, etc. etc.

I am hearing... Eva taping her feet on the floor. Greg and Grace talking.

Around the house... I need to get things back in order after a busy weekend.
One of my favorite things... Hearing my husband sing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Not much. But you never know what is in store.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you..


Sharon said...

I enjoyed your picture! :)

angela d said...

Wow! At first glance I thought that was Taylor-then noticed blond not red hair! I cannot believe how grown the kids are!!
I miss you all soooo much! I wish ya'll lived here again!
I enjoy your posts!
Love ya, Angela

Elaine said...


We miss you guys, too! The kids always talk about everyone from Little River. I'd love it if God saw fit to bring us around that way again.

Elaine said...


I love this picture. The kids were really enjoying themselves.

Chanise said...

This is such a cute picture. Ican see so much of their character in this one. Love you guys always