Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Long post...

My friend came over for Thanksgiving Dinner and brought these flowers.
I just love them.My kids did the hands below which are suppose to be turkeys but we didn't
have enough time to be that detailed. They says "Give Thanks To The Lord".

The scarecrow is one my dad gave the girls. It was perfect for a time of harvest.
My friend also bought some table decorations. I just love the Turkey.
We had an interesting Thanksgiving in the way of disasters. First we had a problem with our water pump and it couldn't be fixed until the next day. We were able to use it a little here and there for water.

A bowl of strawberries and cream was spilt on the bottome shelf of the fridge and on the floor. We had to take everything out the self and draws to clean everything.

We also had one of my favorite dishes break in the oven.

Last I get a phone call about a dognapping. Yes, a dognapping! I was watching my neighbors dog for her while she was gone for the holidays. Her old roommate (they were on good terms the last I knew) came by and said that my neighbor had called and wanted her to take the dog. I believed her because she also has a small dog like my neighbors and she may have just thought it best. Well I called my neighbor to let her know that her friend came and got the dog. No answer. I got a call on Thanksgiving telling me the friend had stole the dog. Thankfully my neighbor was able to get the dog back.

God is good. No one was upset about any of the disasters and no one was sick, praise the Lord. I am so thankful for my friends and family. I've got the best husband in the world and the sweetest kids. I also love my friend Chana and her boys and was glad to be able to spend our Thanksgiving with them.

December 9th is Greg's last day in the military. We are still seeking the Lords will for our future. So please keep us in your prayers.


Sharon said...

Sounds like a memorable Thanksgiving! :D
I'll be praying for God's Will in your lives.

Kristi said...

Wow, what a day! I'm glad you survived it.

Love the hand garland. That is such a sweet idea.

Shame, shame, on the dognapping! I'm glad your neighbor got her dog back. That's so sad.


80 said...

That is so funny ... and yet it probably did not seem so at the time ... lol.

I was in the middle of "injecting" marinade into our fat turkey which we were frying this year. Bulb syringe would not work and kept spitting back in my face! To make matters a little more exciting and "less" frustrating ... tada ...the fridge breaks down in the middle of it all!
Yup, water dripping from the freezer and eggs begining to warm. We had to halt the turkey to thankfully put all our contents in our "extra" fridge.
The following day upon swaping them ... tada ... the vacuum dies!

Elaine said...

Lol, thankfully we have the Lord and can laugh at moments like this instead of crying.

Love ya!