Saturday, February 7, 2009



A friend loaned Greg and I the movie and it was great! I don't much agree with the standards of the church that made the movie and they don't use King James, but they did an outstanding job. I know that sound odd but it's true.

Three things that I was pleased with is...

1. They say divorce is wrong.
2. They show the husband destroy the computer over his lust sin.
3. Most important is that they have an outstanding message of salvation.

They are funny! I've seen both Facing the Giants and Flywheel. They are really good too. The thing from those two is that they really show a desire to serve God and give Him glory and honor.

It's available @ Wal-mart for $19.99


Jessica said...

It was a good movie, we enjoyed the other made by them also!


Kristi said...

My mom bought it yesterday, watched it today, and is bringing to me tomorrow to watch. I'm so excited!