Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Post

Today is Grace's Birthday! We went to lunch together at a country restaurant in town called "The Two Sister's Pecan House"  They have the best Potatoe Soup and Brisket.  Greg will be cooking her favorite for dinner... Crepe's.  However these are three times the size as the French make, lol.  We are also having Fruit Salad.  


We have painted the kitchen and living room.  We still have some touch up work to do and the boarder in the living room, as well as hanging the curtains.

The picture of the mantle is closest to the actual color.  The curtain is a burnt orange and will be the border will be the same color.  We have dark brown bamboo roman blinds behind it.  You can't see the blue candles in the candelabra too well, but I will be replacing them with white. The kitchen is a pale yellow.  Uhmm.. the paint on the wood trim is white from the previous paint (my little disclaimer, lol).


We went on a trip to Hodges Gardens with some other homeschoolers.
It had been unattended for sometime before it was given to the state.  They are still doing construction in some areas.


Anonymous said...

Tell Grace "Happy Birthday!" for me, please - she looks so much older than when I was there, but I suppose she is, lol.

All my love, Nancy

Sandra said...

I love that green color. Nice job.