Monday, February 13, 2012


Things have certainly been busy around here (Especially with the Dougherty/Stewart wedding :) What a blessing to be apart of and to see! Will be posting a pic on my craft blog, as soon as I get a few from Ang :).  Busy is the norm, and thankfully.  I spent my days growing up being bored and in my own little world.  It's nice to be so busy you'd love to take a break, lol.

There is a saying I heard a few years after being saved that I really like, "My worst day with Christ is better than my best day without Christ".  Sometimes when I'm going though trials and tribulations I don't always feel this way, but when I look back at where I was and what he bought, and brought me from I can say this statement with truth.  

About 8 or 9 years ago my husband was given a tape of Missionary Sonny Dix preaching.  It was called "All I have left is praise!".  What an amazing sermon!  What else do I have to offer a Righteous and Thrice Holy God when my righteousness is as filthy rags? 

We just had Bro. Maynard come preach with us this past Sunday.  He preached on the home.  It was tremendous and truthful.  I evening service went especially well, he preached somethings I needed to hear.  It's always interesting how a preacher can be focusing in one area and God hits you in another. 

The middle of March we'll be having the Alexander's with us again for our Missions Revival.  I like that, missions revival instead of conference.  Our hearts need to be revived to do the work the Lord has called us to. 



Angela D. said...

working on those pictures for ya! I have to ask steph how to work picasa web!

KM Logan said...

Hi from the KJV blog directory. Be sure to check out our re-launch page. Thanks so much for keeping us on your side-bar : ) Please pray for our re-launch so all blogs on our list can see increased success and impact God's kingdom.