Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday I received the book I ordered from
I had been feeling frazzled by all the things that were not being accomplished in the house and felt we all needed help organizing all that has to be done. We try to have structure in our lives amidst all the chaos. I also purchased a 1 year access to (a part of Titus 2 for the chore pack).

Will post an update on how I like the product.


Angela d said...

A friend of ours at church has this and loves it! She has modified it to fit her life, but had shared with me how it keeps them on track even when there are meetings all week long.
Glad to see ya back and blogging again. We really miss ya'll!
Love Angela

Holli said...

Hi Elaine, I have this but haven't really used it much, but I do like what she says. Hope this program helps you.
Love you all.

Jessica said...

Keep us posted on how you like it, I just bought the "Managers of their homes". I wonder what the difference it?

God Bless