Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grocery Store

Recently I was reading a blog and came across an article bashing Safeway for it's desire to give customers freedom of choice with plastic bags.

I decided to look up Safeway since they took a stand for freedom. On their "about us" page they have a video entitled, "Steve Burd's Address on Healthcare". I haven't listened to the whole video, however in the first few minutes you see he is not for it. This makes me want to shop with them even more. Unfortunately we don't have one near us.

Steve Burd is also a born-again Christan.

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Aliene said...

Hi Elaine, Glad you took the time to look up Safeway. Guess we need to speak out more.
How are all of you. Haven't seen your post in quite awhile. You were one of the first blog friend that I remember talking to when I first starting blogging.
have a good day!