Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorado Missions Trip

A group of us from Little River Baptist Church got to go see some dear friend, Mike and Carlene Thornsley in Colorado, sent out of our church.  We helped to canvas some of the towns around were the Thornsleys are.  We were at Walmart several times :) so of course, we took opportunity there to witness as well.

The Girls at St. Elmo
 Sunday Service @ Old Paths Baptist Church
 Bro. Thornsley @ center.
 Greg (my hubby :) preaching Sunday School
 Preacher Rober Hoyle (my preacher)
 JP Thornsley leading the singing.  Mikey helped to, 
but I don't have a picture of him.
 Old Path's and Little River

 Thunderfoot Mountain overlooks Salida.
 At Night the "S" lights up and it will alternate 
between the "S" and a red heart shape.
 Salida from Thunderfoot Mountain.  
We were up here to pray over the town.

Soon I'll post a few more pics that I don't have on my computer yet.
One of which is of Ms. Trudy.  A dear lady that attends Old Paths.

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