Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taylor's Graduation

 Our oldest Graduated June 30th. 
We are very thankful to our church family for coming out.
There were other homeschooler's who were promoted this year that were recognized as well.

We were very excited about seeing our first graduate.  There's nothing like teaching your children to read and write.  Watching them take off and enjoy learning without force, but with a desire.  It is a great blessing to have self learners.  I can't say that it was me that instilled this in them, but the Lord.
We have been blessed.

 We actually took this family photo Sunday because we didn't get one the day of the Graduation.

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angela S. said...

Hey lady! It was so great to see everyone and to share in your joy as Taylor graduated! We'll be praying the Lord direct her life and use her mightily!
Love ya'll